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At Ming Communications, we focus on the one or two-person business you may be running from home, a small office or retail location. We research and write articles for people with very small budgets who are trying to succeed in the face of obstacles and stiff competition. Our clients are often women owned businesses or companies created by minorities. Our goal is to find ways to market your business successfully even if you don't have a lot of money.

Who We Serve: One and two-person businessesWhat You'll Find

Don't look for us to reinvent the wheel. Our hope is to introduce you to the most helpful resources on the Internet. We scout out the sites and information that you can adapt to your business at the lowest possible cost. As a marketing consultant working with very small companies, I want to make it impossible for you to say that you can't afford to market your business.

Why Take a Step-by-Step Approach

Because many of our customers have such limited budgets, we focus on finding the information that will show you how to implement marketing strategies that will work for your business. We try to break it down as much as possible for those trying to do it themselves. Sometimes the experts don't understand what it's like to try to do something without a company full of experts, each specializing in different things. They don't know what it's like to try to follow explanations they glossed for little steps they considered self-explanatory. Only you find yourself stumped by the obvious little detail they omitted because it wasn't obvious to you. I hope not to do that. And when I do, I invite you to call me on it. Send me an e-mail to let me know.

Our New Approach

Information is power. We live in an era when one can reach around the world with information with the click of a button. In keeping with our focus on newer businesses, we've decided to focus more on providing the information you need. Instead of doing that on this site, we've created a new ezine where our total focus is to inform. We encourage you to visit Savvy Marketing Secrets often to learn as we share information designed to help you build your business. And if you need help implementing the strategies we share, give us a call here at Ming Communications.

What We'd Like From You

The information included on this site and our companion ezine will only be useful if it's relevant to your business. So I invite you to submit your questions, issues, concerns, success stories and tactics that have worked for your business. We're all trying to create viable, successful companies in an age where change is the only constant. Most traditional marketing no longer works. It certainly doesn't work for most small businesses. So we have to try things. We have to experiment and be willing to innovate. That's why your participation is so crucial.


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"Marcia Ming went above and beyond to help me get my site up. She shared valuable reports and worked closely with my company to get the traffic we needed."

-- Morris Brown, US

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